More than one in 4 adults within the UK will suffer from excessive blood stress, despite the fact that they will no longer comprehend it.

Symptoms of the condition can cross not noted and to simplest manner to find out is to have your blood strain checked.

But there are methods to reduce high blood pressure, known as hypertension, LloydsPharmacy Pharmacist Anshu Kaura has advised Daily Star Online.

The fitness expert claims there are six motives why your blood strain may be excessive.


High blood stress is maximum, not unusual in human beings over the age of 60.

Anshu explained: “Hypertension will become greater, not unusual as we age, and you are particularly at danger in case you are over the age of sixty-five.

“Research shows that that is probably due to the truth that blood vessels naturally ‘harden’ with age, inflicting them to lose their elasticity.

“If you are below the age of 80, your doctor is probable to prescribe you with drug treatments to help reduce your blood pressure, such as a calcium channel blocker, which works to lessen blood pressure through widening the blood vessels.”
Lack of sleep:

Sleep deprivation may want to cause high blood pressure can boom the chances of excessive blood pressure.

Anshu suggests having normal napping hours every night time and ensuring to wind down before going to mattress.

She added: “Relaxation consisting of mild yoga let you to sense more at ease earlier than the bed, or a heat tub can help your frame to reach a temperature which is ideal for drowsing.

“If you’re struggling with insomnia, visit your pharmacist for a recommendation.”

Being overweight:

Not handiest does being overweight increase the danger of a range of health conditions; it’s one of the main culprits for excessive blood stress.

“Being obese contains many dangers elements in your health, along with high blood stress and poor fitness,” Anshu defined.

She persevered: “This is possibly connected to a bad food plan, and shortage of exercise, each of that could cause a range of health situations, consisting of weight problems, type 2 diabetes or even poor intellectual characteristic.

“Simple physical activities which include swimming and walking can help to lessen blood strain, in addition to resource weight loss, that’s essential for enhancing coronary heart fitness.

“You ought to also try and make easy nutritional modifications, such as reducing down on sugary liquids and ingesting fiber-wealthy foods.”

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