Over 150 children have died since June 14, due to acute encephalitis syndrome (AES), at Shri Krishna Medical College Hospital, Muzaffarpur in Bihar.

The deaths evoked affliction and massive condemnation that sounded neither honest nor unexpected. The MPs spoke predictably within the Parliament.

Doctors had been blamed for failing to provide timely and proper remedy, and public health centers (PHCs) and government hospitals were reprimanded for inadequate facilities.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar came beneath fireplace, now not continually fairly, for letting fitness infrastructure in his country crumble.

But no individual has a magic wand to set a device proper that includes big investments, devoted doctors, enlightened and fewer patients, sincere officers, and selfless political leadership.

The Supreme Court can preserve screaming that Indians have a simple proper to hospital therapy, nutrients and hygienic surroundings under Article 21 of the Constitution. However the reality is, scientific facilities and quality of care can enhance simplest marginally in PHCs and that too in spurts.

How else are you able to give an explanation for why youngsters of Muzaffarpur and its adjacent regions had been loss of life for many years?

State governments have neither the desire to make high-quality use in their available assets nor have money to attract the first-class capabilities to the hospitals, increase the number of docs and help workforce or flush the hospitals with drugs, system, and beds.

Yet, PHCs and government hospitals can not be disbursed with. Private medical doctors who’ve insatiable greed for money are beyond the attain of poor patients, and so are the non-public hospitals that run as business enterprises.

If NDA II can make certain 100 percent immunization in opposition to AES and treat diseases that tend to fast take a plague form as a countrywide calamity, it’s going to add sheen to its credibility as a central authority with a social conscience.

Patients in Kolkata had a come upon of a different type. An intern getting to a septuagenarian affected person at NRS Medical College Hospital became assaulted by way of the diseased’s loved ones on June 11.

The incident precipitated a paralysis of healthcare offerings in West Bengal, with medical doctors filing mass resignation and demanding protection.

Doctors across India joined the fray and refused to peer sufferers to explicit team spirit with their placing brethren.

Good feel prevailed, and the agitation became called off within seven days after policemen have been deployed in hospitals in Kolkata. The Union fitness minister also promised safety to medical doctors.

This incident raises several worries.

Why do grieving spouse and children get violent and why only a few doctors go through the wrath? Something is significantly amiss in their behavior, competence, and verbal exchange talent with patients and household.

Are they justified in getting provoked and refusing to treat patients who’re severely sick and come from long way-off locations? Should medical doctors in AIIMS have behaved like labor union leaders and road protesters?

Does their noble career permit them to resort to brinkmanship? And in the end, why do they need safety from patients who look on them as saviors of their lives?

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