Following Triple M’s No Talk Day held on July 1, in partnership with Beyond Blue, Southern Cross Austereo News has released What’s Your Problem? The Aussie Men’s Health Podcast.

Across three episodes, SCA journalist Nikki Markovics has a candid dialogue with Triple M Melbourne’s Wil Anderson, Fox FM’s Brendan Fevola, and Beyond Blue doctor Grant Blashki, approximately the mental, physical and social health of blokes.

Wil and Fev are very honest about discussing their very own reviews throughout all components in their fitness. Fev speaks overtly approximately his very own non-public struggles and the time he needed to admit himself right into an intellectual fitness sanatorium in Brisbane in 2010.

While Wil opens up approximately having near friends take their very own lives nowadays, living with persistent returned ache and the superiority of consuming and illicit drugs inside the comedy global.

“Alcohol is intrinsically a part of the network wherein I function”, Wil stated.

“If someone has some drinks or has that rock n roll life-style or stays up all night ingesting or taking drugs, no person’s going to have a look at them and say, ‘You’re behaving badly’. So it makes it loads more difficult to perceive while that conduct is turning into tricky.”

Nikki additionally chats to Triple M Sydney’s Gus Worland, approximately why we want to alternate the rules around what it way to be an Aussie bloke.

“eighty% percentage of being an Aussie bloke is genuinely cool, but 20% we’ve got it wrong,” he said

“The stereotypical Australian bloke – you know “she’ll be proper”, “don’t fear about me, I were given this looked after. All that BS that we preserve telling ourselves, setting at the masks each day and announcing the whole thing’s cool while it isn’t. That is a stereotype that has been built for goodbye; it’s very tough for humans to show it around and trade that – but we are doing it slowly.”

There’s also an advantage episode with Olympic swimming champion Daniel Kowalski who speaks approximately navigating intellectual health as a professional athlete and the way operating on his mental health made his relationships stronger
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What can Acai do for you?

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-Cardiovascular fitness
-Circulatory fitness
-Cleans out your gadget
-Promote prostate fitness
-Anti-growing old
-Lowers blood sugar
-Strengthens the immune machine
-Cleanses and detoxifies
-Promotes Brain Health
-Promotes sparkling wholesome skin
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