The Department of Health and Social Care plans to spend £3m on no-deal Brexit measures to transport medication.

It desires to lease an “express freight provider” to move drugs, blood and transplant tissue.

But specialists have warned that the cut-off date of one September set for the deal is a “tight” time-frame.

The government’s present day plan is to go away the EU on 31 October, without or with a change deal.

It has smartened up its act on procurement after walking up a bill of £80m looking to arrange ferry contracts in the event of a no-deal exit.

Seaborne Freight was awarded a £13.8m deal closing 12 months, which the BBC found had by no means run a ferry provider.

Gus Tugendhat, founding the father of Russell, an information issuer on UK authorities contracts, which exposed the state-of-the-art move stated timelines were “still tight”.

Andrew Dean, director of public law at Clifford Chance, a former authorities adviser, and procurement regulation professional stated there had been sufficient time to run a compliant and sturdy procurement method, but it might be problematic, given the incredibly quick time frame.

Last weekend, it emerged that the Department for Transport changed into asking logistics groups to bid to offer extra freight capacity for use within the occasion of a no-deal Brexit.
‘Within the recommendations’

The plan is to installation “an express freight contingency arrangement to help continuity of supply of drugs and clinical products,” Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington informed Parliament.

“This might be an urgent contingency degree for products requiring urgent transport, within a 24-forty eight hour time frame, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.”

Together with stockpiling and helping corporations with office work on the border, the branch hopes this could permit sufferers to acquire the medicines they need, specifically rarer ones with quick shelf-lives, which may additionally require expert transport situations such as refrigeration.

“Government will continue the handiest pay for capability as and when it’s miles wished and used,” Mr. Lidington insisted.

It is known that at the same time as large pharmaceutical organizations might have their personal plans, smaller ones have been probably to want help.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokeswoman showed that the agreement was new, but said that the speed of the contract turned into “within the ordinary tips”.
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