When it involves summer season pores and skin care, dermatologists stress the usual important stuff: practicing diligent solar protection, sporting UV-protective garments while possible, and switching to lighter serums and lotions. This isn’t just advice they provide their sufferers, even though — no, derms actually exercise what they pontificate. We realize due to the fact Allure chatted with 5 pinnacle dermatologists to discover how they take care of their complexions come summertime, and discovered that layering on sunscreen and the use of lighter merchandise are, indeed, non-negotiable for them.

Better yet: They additionally dropped a few hot information about the way to care for pores and skin in the summer season, which include which products to apply and why, as well as what they individually use to make sure their pores and skin stay in prime shape no matter the sweltering warmness and pore-clogging humidity. As curious as we had been? Keep scrolling for all of the information.
Ellen Marmur


New York City-based dermatologist Ellen Marmur takes a less is extra technique when it comes to summertime skin care — especially because she balances work, being a wife and mom, and finding time for herself. “[In the morning] I take a short warm shower — not long and no longer hot, and I brush my enamel even as I’m inside the bathe to hurry up the procedure,” she explains, revealing that her move-to cleaner is Neutrogena’s Rainbath Shower Gel.

Once she’s out of the shower, Marmur reaches for her journey-or-die serum: Her very personal MMRevive. “It incorporates ingredients which include naringenin, a robust antioxidant observed in citrus that immediately soothes the pores and skin and calms redness, as well as arnica montana, which enables lessen bruising, sunburns, and infection,” she says, adding that it also aids in dashing up the recovery technique, making it especially perfect for summertime.

After applying the serum to her eyes, face, and neck, she then slathers on Elta MD’s SPF forty or Colorscience’s All Calm SPF 50, the latter of which includes mild insurance to even out redness and discoloration at the same time as preventing also harm.


Come evening, Marmur stays proper to her minimalist mentality, relying on just Beautycounter’s Makeup Remover and the equal skin-care staples from her morning recurring to cleanse and prep her skin for a reparative night time’s sleep. She says she likes to keep her skin care as lightweight as possible at night time to let her skin breathe even as still getting the essential nutrients she needs.


In regards to the way of life picks, Marmur likes to live healthful all 12 months lengthy with the aid of consuming lots of salads with berries and roasted greens, getting at the least eight hours of sleep, and taking long walks and hikes whenever she can. “I want to be in steady motion for the day,” she provides.
Joyce Park


Los Angeles-based dermatologist Joyce Park also loves to maintain her skin-care ordinary fairly easy and straightforward in the summertime. “I transfer out my thicker and more hydrating merchandise for greater lightweight, non-greasy options which are better suited for the new summer season weather,” she says. “For my nutrition C, rather than using the thicker C E Ferulic, I choose its cousin, the Phloretin C F gel, which rubs in extra easily and dries quicker,” she explains.

Park applies the fan-favored serum within the a.M. After washing her face with cool water and Epionce’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser, which includes calming lavender to tame redness and willow bark to minimize the arrival of pores.

Post-serum, it is immediately directly to sunscreen — Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 is one Park usually comes lower back to as it’s tinted and evens out any redness she wishes protected. “I additionally love the La Roche-Posay’s Ultra Light Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Fluid,” she provides.

Before leaving for work, Park packs Colorscience’s Sunforgettable Powder together with her to touch-up her SPF at some point of the day.


For her midnight routine, Park is based on mild, hydrating products to soothe her pores and skin and defend it from drying out. Drunk Elephant’s Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser is her contemporary staple face wash, as it includes omega-wealthy marula oil, skin-replenishing glycerin, and calming cantaloupe fruit extract.

“After cleaning, I use SkinCeuticals’ HA Intensifier as a spot treatment to combat any flaky dry spots,” says Park, who then is going in with a dime-sized dollop of Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer as her last step. Its mixture of peptides, oils, and extracts all work together to restore sun harm and easy the advent of satisfactory lines and lack of firmness.


If there are one summertime pores and skin-care rule of thumb Park’s first-rate severe approximately — other than sun protection, this is — it’s staying hydrated. “The hot, dry weather in California blended with blasting AC all day dries out my pores and skin, so I attempt to hydrate frequently at some point of the day… In truth, I even have 3 big water bottles on my paintings desk that I strive to complete with the aid of the end of the day,” she says. “I additionally try and boom my water consumption through ingesting masses of fruits and greens that are high in water content.”

Additionally, Park is in no way without a huge-brimmed hat, shades to protect her eyes, and a sunscreen powder in her handbag so she will reapply every two hours.

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