Pancakes can turn the grumpiest of mornings round
You can make pancakes healthful and satiating
Add cottage cheese to pancake batter and make it healthy and nutritious

Strenuous exercising schedules, strict and usually bland diets; weight loss isn’t always a clean feat. It calls for consistency, each in terms of retaining a calorie-restricted but nutrient-dense food regimen as well as adhering to a company exercise schedule. However, many humans tend to offer into their cravings, which in the end, abate their weight reduction dreams. To keep away from such a situation, what you may do out of your quit is; be a bit easy on yourself. While it’s miles critical to step from your consolation quarter to lose the ones extra kilos, it is also crucial to set sensible dreams for yourself. For instance, when you have been only eating bland meals, there are high possibilities of you giving up on your ultimate weight loss purpose because of monotony. You can tweak your food regimen a bit and still retain consuming foods which are beautiful to the palate even as preserving in thoughts their calorie structure.

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There are a plethora of meals available which are a super mixture of flavor and health. One such meal is that of Cottage Cheese Pancakes. Pancakes aren’t handiest wonderful scrumptious but also preserve the power to turn the grumpiest of mornings around. This fluffy and savory meal can be added on your weight reduction food regimen if prepared in a particular way, that’s each satiating and wholesome.

But wait; don’t confuse this meal with the ordinary candy pancakes which you’ve been eating all your lifestyles. This is a savory model that has the addition of egg whites and cottage cheese in it. The addition of cottage cheese in the pancake batter makes this dish wealthy in crucial vitamins, especially protein. Protein facilitates result in a feeling of satiety, which maintains you from bingeing on other fattening and calorie-laden foods. According to the records supplied with the aid of the US Department of Agriculture, one hundred grams serving of low-fat cottage cheese carries 10.45 grams of protein.

Weight Loss: Here’s How You Can Make Cottage Cheese Pancake At Home:


1.Egg whites of 2 eggs

2.Cottage Cheese – Half cup (grated or crumbled)

3.Salt as in keeping with flavor (non-obligatory)

four.Red chilli powder as per flavor (non-obligatory)


1. To start with, take a bowl and upload in all of the elements collectively.

2. Blend the substances until a clean batter is shaped. If you continue to word lumps, combo yet again.

3. Next, take a ladleful of the pancake batter and pour it over a non-stick pan, gently swirling it in a circular movement.

Once the rims start to turn brown in hue, flip the pancake and prepare dinner the alternative aspect. Serve warm.

So the following time you pass for grocery purchasing, do add this exquisite-flexible component – cottage cheese – for your cart to make protein-rich pancakes at home.

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