Sexual recovery: Get the most out of sex as remedy

Why have sex? I’m not sure approximately you however, it appears to me that we regularly talk approximately sex almost exclusively from a sexual characteristic or disorder attitude; what’s operating and what’s no longer. It gets me questioning whether or not blessings of intercourse are ever even considered. Perhaps we’ve no longer taken time to […]

How Nanotech Powers Precision Medicine

When we consider clinical breakthroughs, our minds regularly turn to new pills and remedies. However, innovations in biomaterials and medication shipping tactics are just as progressive and essential as they pave the manner for such advances. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we’re working at this interface of biotechnology and substances science. Take some thing […]

Medicine is a technological know-how however human connection makes it a subtle art

Medicine is a science but the human connection makes it also a diffused artwork. Globally, the ‘science’ component is nicely described in all curricula; however, the ‘artwork’ aspect (humanities) is increasingly gaining importance. While understanding is critical to advantage statistics from sufferers, interpersonal competencies is an ought to for comprehending feelings and worries of a […]

BMC asks humans to take medication to keep away from leptospirosis

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) stated July three that individuals who came in contact with floodwater ought to take a preventive medicinal drug, available at civic dispensaries, to avoid leptospirosis. Water-logging becomes reported in several areas during the last days as the town reeled under its highest rainfall in 24 hours after the July 26, […]

Gender Bias in Medicine Still Common

The unconscious gender-directed bias remains common in healthcare typical, and in interventional specialties specifically, new statistics advise. The authors say such bias may additionally assist explain why women in surgery are not advancing greater quickly. In an assessment of assessments administered to almost forty-three,000 healthcare professionals, inclusive of 131 surgeons, researchers discovered that male and […]

Why technology by myself can not shop medication

The shifting of the tides struck me with fervor. I became no longer entrapped by a large, high priced education hospital in a large metropolis. I discovered myself sitting on a swivel chair, earlier than a computer, inputting statistics from a patient I just noticed. Stories like hers aren’t ordinary: “Doc, ang dami po kasi, […]

Boots plans to let sufferers take a look at medicines inventory thru remedy document software

Exclusive: Boots desires to permit patients to look at how a good deal stock of a remedy it has at a given department earlier than ordering repeat prescriptions. Boots is aiming to use its patient medicinal drug record (PMR) system to allow sufferers, and subsequently, GPs, to look a couple of’s inventory of drugs in […]

UK plans £3m no-deal medicinal drug delivery

The Department of Health and Social Care plans to spend £3m on no-deal Brexit measures to transport medication. It desires to lease an “express freight provider” to move drugs, blood and transplant tissue. But specialists have warned that the cut-off date of one September set for the deal is a “tight” time-frame. The government’s present […]